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Hi, I'm Katherine!

I help businesses like yours take care of your hard-earned bottom line by improving tax and accounting efficiency, and business processes.
Loopholes and bottlenecks in accounting and tax compliance bleed businesses like yours more money than what is required of you. 
After all, business is about cash.
If you are losing money to inconsistencies in accounting and tax compliance, it is a waste of business. 
With my experience in working with startups, let me help you with these things so you can focus on generating more sales and scaling growth. 
I’ll take care of your bottom line.
Looking forward to work with you!


Running a business is like completing a massive puzzle, but with lots of moving pieces!

We can help ease your overwhelm so you can focus on growing your business.


Identify the best business structure to serve short and long term plans.

Collate and liaise with government agencies to complete business registration.

Setup and implement back office support, i.e. bookkeeping, accounting, tax compliance, business processes, payroll, etc.



Before we got Kat’s help, our books, accounts and inventory were all messed up. We hated having to MANUALLY count our stocks monthly — imagine the hassle of needing to pull out every single frozen product out of our chest freezer. It was such a drag!
Although we knew there were formulas in Excel, we just can’t seem to find the time to actually fix everything on the backend. Heck, we got to a point where we’re not even sure if we’re actually earning!
Kat Castro completely changed how we approach the accounting side of our business. She made everything so convenient for us — she pointed out loopholes in our pricing, patiently explained IN DETAIL all the Accounting jargons and demonstrated the process we must follow to get our “ideal” pricing and income — she basically fixed everything for us. 
My sister and I have been operating our business, Vegan Cart (formerly MUNTI), for more than a year and this is the first time we’ve ever seen CLEARLY our profit! We’re also very grateful that our new inventory software, ordering process and accounting system made our lives 100X easier. We can’t wait for our business to grow more profitably!
Chelsea Dione Junio | Co-Owner, Vegan Cart
Just like most of the startup companies, our company, Oxytec Solutions Inc., was striving to build up our name as a products and services provider in the healthcare industry while working our way up to establish the business from scratch. Our team is made up of a few individuals who know the industry and can run the business on a technical perspective but we definitely lack a stable team when it comes to accounting and finance.
With the help of LinkedIn connections, I found out about Ms. Katherine Castro and about the services she offers to startup companies like us. On our initial meeting, we knew she was the right person to help us. A few meetings after, Ms. Kat was able to study and fully understand our business, our plans and our current accounting and financial situation. She was able to draft a very detailed policy that can help our company streamline the Accounting and Finance Department.
Now, we are in the works of implementing Ms. Kat’s guidelines and policies and even though we have not fully implemented it yet, I am already seeing it as a big WIN for Oxytec Solutions Inc. As a CEO of a startup company, I had doubts and hesitations when it comes to introducing a new process especially if it will be suggested by someone I found online. Can this lead us to financial gains? Is this worth it? Will it work?
Now, I can confidently say that I made the right decision of hiring Ms. Kat. She has already done wonders for our company and I believe she can be an awesome help, especially to startup companies like us.

Keith Suarez | CEO, Oxytec Solutions Inc.